Enterprise Resource Planning

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Benefits to you, our customer:

Tulunn’s ERP software solution maintains information and business processes for a variety of our business functions such as Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Financials, Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management. Our ERP provides solutions related to accounting, production, materials management, quality, sales and distribution, HR and project management.

  • Improved visibility: Our ERP system allows us to track inventory levels on a daily basis, including inventory in transit and future consignments to be received. This visibility enables us know where your project is at all times and allows us to plan to have the exact needs on hand when needed whether the needs are human resources, equipment or materials.
  • Reduced operating costs: One of the most immediate benefits from implementing our ERP is reduced operating costs: such as lower inventory control costs, lower production costs and lower marketing costs. By avoiding duplication of information but not reinventing the wheel for common business processes, our ERP provides opportunities for cost reduction and value-added tasks, leading to increased margins.
  • Standardized business processes: Tulunn’s ERP is designed around standard best-business processes, which are based on industry best practices. This process consistency allows a consolidated view of the business across the distributed enterprise, enabling us to drive continuous improvements, as operations are streamlined and there is healthy synergy between departments and functions. This improvement also allows for transparency and reduction in human errors due to automation of inter-company transactions, providing you with a flawless product.
  • Improved compliance: With ERP, Tulunn can enforce compliance related to different regulations.




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