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Tulunn Technology makes precision, machined parts…

for the space, aerospace, commercial, medical, military, defense and semiconductor industries.

Tulunn Technolgoy has produced high quality precision machined parts for almost half a century. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer catering to the world's most demanding industries, Tulunn has solutions for your manufacturing needs.

Housed in a 28,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility., Tulunn's machining areas are all climate controlled with filtration systems for machining hazardous material. A safe, healthy and highly productive maintenance plant operations is a priority here at Temco.

With the capacity to offer quick-to-market and one-piece flow services, short run production, high volume manufacturing, and contract machining, we pride ourselves as being a true full service precision machine shop.

The shop features the latest Computer Numerically Controlled Machines and three kinds of Electrical Discharge Machining: Wire EDM, Ram EDM (conventional EDM), and Small Hole EDM. Electrical Discharge Machining can be utilized for extreme high precision machining of complex shapes or difficult materials. Complete tool room capabilities to service all of your engineered and small lot prototype parts.

Tulunn features a clean modern facility with procedures and process controls, a priority on employee safety, and internal testing capabilities. Our comprehensive EH&S program enables the machining of exotic materials like powdered metal matrix AlBeMet® 62% Beryllium and 38% Aluminum machined, in a controlled environment.

Contact Tulunn today and let us handle your manufacturing procurements. We are a one-stop customer service provider that exceeds the competition.

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